Muenster, TX.... Rounds 3 & 4. Saturday, it rained, lightninged a motor home, rained some more, blew......
you get the idea. It was a major accomplishment to finish. Sunday was absolutely delightful! Go figger.

12 seconds before the storm hit....
...and afterwards
Bill's ready to kick a**
It's his first Nat.
What's Eric thinking?
Lessee.... the snotty semi-rideable
line on the left?
...or the snotty, semi-rideable
line on the right?
Afterwards, the bike wash
25 cents for 3 minutes....
in the cowpie version of sun tea.
Some water-induced bike
A fringe benefit...
the airshow!
Would you take this bike
out in the rain???
Adrian Lewis
Bill Bonahoom
Bob Bell
Bob Rowland
Brian Behling
Bruce Bolander
Chuck Sutton
Dale Higgenbotham
Devin Cannady
Eric Tidmore
Greg Kurtz
James Fastle
Jordi Fastle
Lance Butler
Tony Herald
Trevor Clancy