These photos are from the first two rounds of the 2001 Nationals. (Reed Valley, CA) as well as El Trial de Espana.

The presentation

Jesse & Babe

Tim in the rain

The Team NM Huddle

Too Blue!

Brian presents Jesse with
an award for loyal service.....

...and Jesse passes it on to
the Boss (Babe)

Tim Fastle, day two.
This says it all...

The Team NM huddle before the
El TdeE.
Tom Butler casting the spell with
his remaining good arm.

The Team NM trailer.
Sure is BLUE in there!

Brandon Nafus

Brandon again

Bob Rowland

Ray Roblin

Greg Kurtz

Brandon Nafus going down.....

..... and back up.

Bob Rowland's style.

Ray Roblin.

Greg Kurtz

Wow! Don't blow it here! He survived! Flying Trevor Clancy

The El TdE Exhibition.
...straight down...

... and back up....

He did make it!


Trevor Clancy