Photos from what is now called the "Old Trials", a great 2-day event at the Viveash Ranch, owned by the Old family. In 2000, the Viveash fire burned about half of the 3,000 acre ranch.... thus the prevalence of burned trees in the photos. Camp was at 9500', and the view made you think you were on top of the world! David Old runs a sawmill there, producing Douglas Fir flooring and recently sent 20,000 sq. ft. of flooring to Russia for an opera house. Many thanks to the Old family!

Photos are courtesy of Bud Cole, O He of the Many Cameras!

The view from camp

David Old

Brian Behling rides while Shiloh Old watches

The sawmill

The burn

A REAL score "board"

Julien, our French guest

At the last section... a big glass of ice-cold lemonade, with a twist of lime! That's class.

Bruce Bolander and advisors. Can he make it without endo'ing?

New Mexican camper

Highly ranked New Mexico rider heading home after the trials.

Chris Johnson

Autumn Slayton, Winkles

Josh Winkles

Chuck Sutton

Dante and Roxanne

Eric Tidmore

Gary Cordes

Greg "The Hammer" Arrants

Greg Kurtz

John Elsen

John Salazar (riding) and brother Mike

Jordi Fastle

Tony Herald

Dean Miller

Nathan Hassler and Dad

Pete Baldwin

Robert Hertrich


Tim Fastle

Jeff Boggs

Mike McClanahan