Many thanks to Bud Cole for (most of) these photos.
This page is dedicated to all those NMTA riders who know that if they
mess up, the whole world will be able to see it.....

It was a memorable trials...... photo... 1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8

Who is that Old Guy? Is that a five?

The Web Guy gets his moment of fame. Taking a break, it looks like.

Bud Cole's not only a wiz with cameras and GPS's, but he operates a brain scanner too!
Apologies to Jeff Boggs!

Should that be there?

What's that noise?

Bike for sale.... this is one HOT machine!

The Fly on the Wall, Dave Cole at Moab

Was the trials a bore... or a complete massacre?

Not enough room!

Over the log.... sorta.

Metal pipes is slippery!

Kin ya glue 'em back? (Rider will remain anonymous, 47k)

Kin ya glue it back? (Rider will remain anonymous, 70k)

What're these guys doing to that poor bike? (36k)

Is the kid doin' ballet, or what? (62 k)

Slots R Us (74k)

Come back here! (58k)

HOW much does this bike weigh???(40k)

A bike-eating bush (97k)

Riding up cars-- a different perspective (76k)

Doin' it in the dirt (101k)

What goes up...? (128k)

Ouch! (43k)

Who's the rider? (42k)

The Ledge-- same place, different styles... (53k)

Mike is really, really quick with his 5's (24k)

Even the little ones bite the dust (35k)

Whaddya mean that's a 5??? (23k)

May I have this dance? (20k)

Ain't no novice section (30k)

Why didn't they steal it all? (33k)

NEVER again would they let Fred be trialsmaster. (27k)

Styrofoam rocks would be nice (36k)

Those Jemez rocks is slick! (28k)

Yup, they sure are.... (34k)

A different kind of splatter (34k)

Third time's a charm (45k)

And there she teetered on the brink.... (32k)

He ain't heavy.... he's my de da... (38k)

Sipapu Ski Area #1 (Thanks to BeemerBart the K-Bike guy, 32k)

Sipapu Ski Area #2 (Another BeemerBart creation, 46k)

A Truly Barbarous Ceremony It Was..... (NE National, 2001, 58k)

Did he THROW it up there? (San Ysidro, 11/02 72k)

He's out! (San Ysidro, 11/02 66k)

The rocks were like flypaper.... (Az, '02, 88k)

It's still bouncin' (San Ysidro, 39k)

How many minders? (San Ysidro, 46k)

This is how ya do it! Brrrp! Brrrrp!

How ugly could this have been?

First it spits 'im off, then stomps on 'im.

Good thing the guy in the Ivy League cap was there...

Another bike-eating bush!

Autumn and Idgy, the trials dog...

Good thing he didn't break his left arm too.....
Bruce Bolander, Dale Higginbotham, 12/03