My name is Bob Clancy, and South Mountain Web Design is my endeavor. I live on the north side of South Mountain, Santa Fe County, New Mexico.

I came to web/computer work through the back door; graduating from the University of New Mexico in 1989 with a Mechanical Engineering degree at the tender age of 39.  My first 'professional' job was as a contractor at Sandia National Labs in Albuquerque, and I found that I needed to know much more about computers than I did about things mechanical. I eventually ended up doing system administration (VMS, UNIX, Windows), programming, and dealing with computer security. Then I more or less ended my system administration days, and embarked on a multi-year data archival project, wading through 40,000 data files, determining what to keep and what to trash. After that, I got a job doing web design, database applications, and graphics, for a grand total of 29 years.

In 2001, I started the web site for the New Mexico Trials Association. Word spread, especially in the motorcycle trials community, and I've independently created and maintain a number of sites (see the portfolio). Most I host with, a well-established, reputable web host, and a few are hosted elsewhere.

I have had extensive experience in the areas of arts and crafts (especially woodwork), environmental matters, motorcycling, and aviation. Jobs have included military policeman, US Forest Service firefighter (including crew boss of a 19-person 'Hotshot' crew), flight instructor, mechanic, and woodturner (teaching and showing in galleries).

I believe this broad range of experience will help me understand your needs, and what it is you want to say... and my technical background will allow me to make it happen.