WEB PAGES need not be complicated or expensive.

When a person gets internet access, sometimes there is a small amount of (free) server space on which to post a web site. This type of area may be great for a personal or family site.

There are many companies specializing in web hosting, and they can host a larger site quite inexpensively; some charge less than $5/month.

If you'd like a descriptive address for your site, such as "Adamsfamily.org" or "Joesgarage.com" you'll need to register a DOMAIN NAME. This gives you exclusive ownership of that name. The cost for this is as little as $5-10 per year.

I can work with you to set up a site with your own Internet Service Provider (ISP), or take care of all those details for you.

If you want personal control, we can set up a site which you can update yourself.

What about the cost of creating the pages? My standard fee is $50.00 per hour, and the total bill naturally depends on the size of the site and the amount of work required. For instance, are the digital photos good quality, or do they need editing? Is the text ready to go, or do I need to write it? Do logos need to be created? We can work together and come up with something that suits your needs and budget.

Non-profit, volunteer-run group? Ask about a discount.

For local clients, photography is available, including photography of arts and crafts, for show entries or web display.   Here is a sample page of photos of (my) woodturnings.

I have a wide range of experience (see the resume) and this will help me understand your needs, and what it is you need to say.  My technical background will help me make it happen.

I think web pages should be simple, informative, and easy to view. Ever want to see a page but find out you can't unless you download the latest version of a whistles-and-bells program first ? Ever go to a page and have to spend 5 minutes watching a whizbang movie before you get to the meat of it ? Ever had to endure flashing ads that make your eyes hurt ? Me too, and I don't go back to those pages. Enough said.