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Driving Directions:

If you're coming in from the east on Interstate 40, take exit 256 and Hwy 84 (or exit 230 and Hwy 3) north. This will get you to I-25. Hang a right and go to Las Vegas (NM!) then north on Hwy 518 through Mora and on about 55 miles to Sipapu.

If you're driving from the west on I-40 or from the south on I-25, take I-25 north to Santa Fe. Hwy 599 is a time-saving bypass that goes around Santa Fe on the west. Get on Hwy 68, go north through Espanola towards Taos. About 20 miles past Espanola, turn east on Hwy 75 going through Dixon and heading up the mountain. Go through Penasco and Vadito, and find Hwy 518. Turn right on Hwy 518 and go 5 miles to Sipapu.